Call for Proposals

In September 2020, Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment, via the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) entered into a contract with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and its partners Airbus and Planet, to provide universal access to high-resolution satellite data of the tropics. The ultimate aim of this is to support tropical forest countries in their efforts to stop the loss of forests.

The high-resolution satellite images provide an overview of tropical land masses, and these images are updated every month. Anyone can access this data free of charge. Images can be accessed visually online, or by registering as a user and accessing downloadable images that include data dating back to 2015. This allows any interested party to see the development that has taken place in tropical forests over several years.

In addition to providing the satellite imagery free of charge, NICFI has been mandated by Parliament (Stortinget) to provide capacity building for governments and civil society organisations in the use of the imagery, in order to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in relevant regions and countries. As part of this mandate, NICFI is looking to enter into grant agreement(s) with one or more partners to provide such capacity building for civil society in forest countries. We are specifically aiming to target national and local civil society organisations in tropical forest countries, and are therefore looking for partners to act as intermediaries to several such organisations.


The overall objective of the capacity building and this call for proposals is to increase capacity to engage with high resolution satellite imagery of the tropics, that has been made freely available by NICFI. The target group of the capacity building work is local, national, and regional civil society, enhancing their ability to contribute to reduced deforestation and forest degradation through their work.

The respondents to this Call for Proposals should explain how they will: 

  1. Set up and manage a small-grants scheme where local/national/regional civil society organisations in tropical forest countries can apply for funding to fill their capacity needs. This will build their engagement and use of high resolution satellite imagery, in order to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in relevant regions and countries.
  2. Improve the capacity of civil society, including indigenous peoples’ organisations, in tropical forest geographies in order to enhance their organisations/institutions’ use of high resolutions satellite imagery. This will be done through training tailored to their needs.

Grant agreement specifics

Application criteria

We welcome interested parties to respond to this call for proposal, outlining why your organization is best placed to deliver on the aim of the assignment, as well as an explanation of how. The deadline for responding to this call for proposal is 30 June 2021. Applications must be submitted using the NICFI template, and should be no longer than maximum 8 pages. Application shall be sent electronically to and in English by the deadline.