New Deputy Director of NICFI

Prior to her new job in NICFI in April, Dyveke led Norway’s sovereign wealth fund’s (NBIM) corporate ownership work on social issues including taxation, anti-corruption and human rights  and before that she was the deputy director of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Together with NICFI Director Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen and the rest of the Norwegian delegation, she met with representatives from Colombian authorities and civil society, including the Amazon Vision. The Amazon Vision promotes sustainable development in the Colombian Amazon, including through the production of acai and other local products.

– This was my first trip to the Amazon rainforest. Flying over Chiribiquete was a majestic experience. At the same time, it was very worrying to see the deforestation in the landscape after the latest development in the area with a lot of forest fires, says Rogan.

Colombia has the world’s fifth largest rainforest. Colombia, Germany, the UK and Norway work together to reduce deforestation in Colombia, and they have extended their climate and forest partnership until 2025.

During the Colombia visit, the Norwegian delegation witnessed how production of local products from the rainforest can promote sustainable development in the Colombian Amazon. Photo: NICFI.