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40 years of support to Indigenous Peoples

As we enter 2024, the world is experiencing an unprecedented momentum of support to Indigenous Peoples and a growing global understanding of their role as forest guardians. Making up some 5 percent of the global population, indigenous peoples manage at least a quarter of the carbon stored in tropical forests, and 80% of the biodiversity…

COP28/Dubai: Norway announces USD 50 million to the Amazon Fund

During a high-level event celebrating 15 years of the Amazon Fund at COP28, Norway announced a contribution of USD 50 million[1] to Brazil’s efforts to reduce deforestation. “A 50% reduction in deforestation in the Amazon in 2023 is yet another result of President Lula’s ability to take targeted action. This is important for Brazil –…

Celebration: 15 years of the Amazon Fund

Substantial results and visions for the future were discussed when high-level stakeholders met to commemorate 15 years of the Amazon fund in Belem, Brazil, on August 7, on the sidelines of president Lula’s Amazon Summit.

The Amazon Fund is re-activated

At his first day in office, President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva reaffirmed the incoming government’s ambitions to halt deforestation, and he took the necessary steps to reopen the Amazon Fund.