The world’s third largest rainforest is in Indonesia. Indonesia has in recent years reduced deforestation to its lowest reported level in 20 years. Since 2010 Indonesia has undertaken important political and institutional reforms that has enabled these results.

In 2022 Indonesia and Norway entered into a new bilateral climate and forest partnership to recognize Indonesia’s impressive results to date and support its ambitious emissions reduction plans. The partnership between Norway and Indonesia involves a result-based contribution from Norway to Indonesia, through the Indonesia’s Environment Fund, to support Indonesia’s implementation of the FOLU Net Sink 2030 Operational Plan.

Deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation from conversion to palm oil plantations have been reduced in recent years.

Pulp and paper, logging, mining and forest to clear land for commercial use have also historically been drivers of deforestation.

Fighting Deforestation

Indonesia is leading the way in developing the economy and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation at the same time.

The country has pledged to the UN climate convention to reduce its total national emissions by almost one third by 2030.