Press statement: The Indonesia-Norway climate and forest partnership

Our two nations have for more than a decade collaborated on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. During this time, Indonesia has become a world leader in combatting tropical deforestation. A series of progressive regulations and policies to protect the nation’s rainforests have been put in place. The results are impressive. Over the last four years Indonesia has delivered massive reductions of deforestation and peatland conversion. This is a significant contribution to global climate change mitigation and protection of biodiversity.

Last year, Norway announced a contribution of NOK 530 million to Indonesia for its 2016/2017 deforestation results in line with the Letter of Intent. The contribution was intended to be disbursed to Indonesia’s own financial mechanism, the newly established Indonesian Environment Fund (IEF). Recently, our two governments have been engaged in discussions on a legal agreement for the transfer of the results-based contribution. Up until today’s termination announcement, discussions in this regard were ongoing and in Norway’s view constructive and progressing well, within the frameworks set by our two countries’ regulatory limits. Given our commitments in the Letter of Intent, and Indonesia’s impressive results, we were looking forward to supporting Indonesia’s efforts with similarly significant annual contributions in the years to come.

The Government of Norway would like to congratulate the Government of Indonesia with their impressive REDD+ achievements to date. We welcome the Indonesian Government’s continued leadership on this crucial climate action agenda, and its continued commitment to deliver on its emission reduction targets. We have highly appreciated our collaboration and stand ready to continue supporting – in mutually agreeable ways – Indonesia’s efforts in protecting its forests and peatlands.

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