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Colombia receives support from Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom for the implementation of their ambitious plan to contain deforestation

Colombia’s government has launched an emergency plan to stop deforestation in the Colombian Amazon. The ambitious strategy consists of working with local communities and indigenous people in 22 deforestation hotspots, reaching agreements to strengthen economic, social and environmental conditions in these areas. International partners praise the ambitious plan, and Norway and Germany will contribute 25 million USD under the Joint Declaration of Intent.

New bilateral partnership between Indonesia and Norway

Indonesia and Norway enter into a new bilateral climate and forest partnership to recognize Indonesia’s impressive results to date and support its ambitious emissions reduction plans. Indonesia has become a global leader by reducing its deforestation to its lowest level in 20 years — the country targets a net sink in the forestry and other land use sector by 2030.

Costa Rica receives first payment for reduced forest emissions from World Bank carbon fund

In August, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) announced its first payment of $16.4 million to Costa Rica for reducing 3.28 million tons of carbon emissions in 2018 and 2019. This is the first of three instalments of payments for verified emission reductions under Costa Rica’s Emission Reduction Payment Agreement (ERPA), which aims to reduce up to 12 million tons of CO2 emissions through 2024.

New Deputy Director of NICFI

On her first day as Deputy Director of NICFI, Dyveke Rogan boarded a plane to Bogotá to learn about deforestation issues from one of Norway’s key partners.

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