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Peru: Joint visit to renew commitment

From March 27 to March 28th five Peruvian Ministers and five Governors from the Amazon region, along with the Ambassadors of Norway, Germany, UK and the US visited Ucayali, Peru to see the implementation of projects aimed to reduce deforestation in the Amazon.

Peru reaching key milestones in rainforest protection

Peru has stepped up efforts to reduce deforestation in the Amazon through the major international forest and climate alliance with Germany, Norway, the UK, and the US. Important progress has been made on the expansion of protected areas and indigenous reserves and putting in place important policy and monitoring instruments. Norway announces a payment of USD 10 million to Peru as part of the existing climate and forest partnership for achieved policy milestones.

Norge støtter Perus kamp mot avskoging

Norge gir 85 millioner kroner til Peru for å trappe opp innsatsen for regnskogen. Pengene gis som betaling for resultater til Peru, som har oppnådd flere milepæler i perioden fra 2018 til 2020, i tråd med samarbeidsavtalen mellom Peru, Norge, Storbritannia, Tyskland, og USA.